Taters and Beauty

The world is fucking beautiful.

Please excuse me for saying so, but look at it:

IMG_20140403_120323_534(Lava field in the heart of Snæfellsnes – unedited – no filters – click to enlarge)

Nine weeks ago I had stars in my eyes. I knew I was boarding a plane bound for beauty, my intentions bloated with all the love and worry I have for my children and the world they are inheriting.

I slung my video camera over my shoulder, packed my motivation, and made my way to another corner of the Earth to look for the missing link to solving the climate change crisis.

I found something different though.

I found the person I want to be. Sounds kind of cliché, no?

I don’t care. It is what it is. I like who I’m becoming and what I’ve learned here has found some real pointed focus on how I can change, both my behavior and my thinking.

I have no plans to slow down my efforts in trying to find solutions as I scoot along in life, but the thing I keep coming back to week after week here is that the solutions weren’t an ocean away – much like Dorothy who never really needed the slippers, I’ve come to find they exist in my own actions and wherever I am in my own actions and in my own community.

When I get home I’m planning a good old-fashioned work party. I want to build a root cellar so I can preserve what I grow in my garden this year and drive to the store less – since community is the stickiest word I’ve found here, I’m going to invite my neighbors and others I know as well.

Of course, that means you – please come to my root cellar party…

I’ll give you a potato. And beer.

And of course, if my ‘taters and beer aren’t enough incentives for you to want to help me dig a hole to cut my carbon foot print, then how about this?

Our world is magnificent-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every single week I’ve been here I’ve been reminded of this fact and found a reason to cry about it.

If you too find  a weepy appreciation and want to do something in addition to coming to my party (go ahead and try to beat taters and hops), then check out this article about some really simple and effective ways you can make an impact: 10 Little and Big Things You Can Do (it’s a great article!)

Hope the week treats you well, friends! Smile BIG, and stay green!


About Sass Linneken

Peace-pushing, environmental-writing, amateur-filmmaking, #climate change warrior.
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8 Responses to Taters and Beauty

  1. treedudeguy says:

    These photos are brilliantly beautiful! I can’t wait to see what kind of video footage you’ve captured too! (excited about your movie!)

    As for the root cellar party, I’m there! Or here… since it’s gonna be at the house I live at too and that’s where I’m at right now! :-D Excited to have a better place to hold our food!

    I love the links you share in all your posts, I’m always learning new things when I read your blog!

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  2. dad says:

    It takes a while for me to navigate my way around sometimes and lots of times when you mention videos or slideshows attached, I can never seem to find them. But I DO use lots of the links, and even we anti-persons are occasionally forced into food for thought. And yes, my driving has ABSOLUTELY decreased since you managed to infiltrate my previously comfortably oblivious thoughts on not only climate change, but my own direct impact on the earth. I’d never before really given not only a second thought to any of it, but even a first one. At work I am regularly good-naturedly ridiculed for using actual plates and cups that require washing rather than the disposable paper products most of my colleagues use. At times, I’m even referred to as Mr. tree-hugger!

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  3. dad says:

    By the way, I’ll definitely join you in the potato when you get home. Where the beer is concerned, perhaps I’ll have one.
    Love you!

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  4. Sass!!!!!!! I finally got my family to start composting! I just put a bucket with a lid and made a chart of categories for smiley faced foods (compost able ones) and sad faced ones (non compostable) so it’s kiddo friendly! I have loved keeping up with your blog. Lemme know when your having your work party. -Brittany ps. Keep being awesome Earth sistah

    Liked by 2 people

    • What fantastic news!! Composting is such a great way to make an impact! All the less methane fodder for the landfills! :D

      Good for you for helping them get it going in a fun way that makes it kid-friendly too – you rule, mama!

      And, no worries, you’ll be one of the first to know when that work party takes shape!



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