Climate Education & Activism

Educational & Activist Resources

Indigenous Environmental Network

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative

Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC)

Fossil Free

Idle No More

David Suzuki Foundation

Power Shift

Moms Clean Air Force

Carbon Trade Watch

Northwest Earth Institute

First Here, Then Everywhere

Rising Tide – North America

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Alliance of Community Trainers

Natural Resources Defense Council

Global Justice Ecology Project

Ruckus Society

Mobilization for Climate Justice

Sierra Club

Friends of the Earth

Climate Solutions

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Institute for Social Ecology

Earth Justice

Beehive Design Collective

Pachamama Alliance

What’s Your Impact

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

National Academy of Sciences

Dr. James Hansen’s Website


Skeptical Science

Sustainability Thought and Deed


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