AE Film

The Adaptive Earth project is meant to live on a multimedia platform. The aim is to educate and activate people, and to get them excited about acting on climate. With that in mind, the first film you will find here is the original AE short doc, which communicates a bit of the heart of the project to the public. It is intended for educational purposes only and offers a reflection on the personal learning outcomes of the initial experience that was the springboard for this project in the first place.

The rest of the films you will find here are dedicated to covering activism that is either directly related to climate change, or to some other social or environmental justice issue that chips away at the root causes of our current climate of environmental crisis. At Adaptive Earth climate change is not just considered a problem of emissions, it is a complex issue that needs to be addressed with a transdisciplinary mindset. We need a system change on every level of our current approach to living.

Adaptive Earth thefilm


Penobscot River Flotilla – May 2015


Youth Speech at Lac-Mégantic Memorial – July 2015


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