Almost Time to Half Hop Across the Pond

Today is exactly 5 days before I drag an arsenal of luggage into Logan Airport and wave goodbye to my kids and husband for the following 3 months.


I’m going to Iceland to live in a tiny eco-village called Solheimar to study climate change and sustainable community building. Going to try and learn something about how to adapt to the looming climate crisis, and more importantly, how my family and I can best minimize our own contribution to it.

Wanting the world inherited by my children’s children to be one that’s livable. Hoping this learning process will help me set an example for them of how to create it to the best of their abilities in whatever becomes of this place by the time they exist.

And I’m scared.

I look around and I see a different world weather-wise than the one I knew as a child.

This is such a commonly shared observation at this point I almost feel cliché writing it.

What does that say about the handful of corporations that refuse to put a cap on their emissions in the name of freedom? Freedom for whom? Don’t I have a right to a livable planet?

I thought there was something in one of our handy dandy hemp docs that said something about a right to life…

Perhaps I’m wrong – the fossil fuel companies sure seem to think so.

So that’s my story. I’m almost on my way to Iceland to chase down ideas and pick the brains of some of the people living in the most sustainable of ways, implementing leading edge solutions to minimizing carbon footprints.

I’m bringing a camcorder.

Who knows, maybe I’ll bring back something we just hadn’t thought of…



About Sass Linneken

Peace-pushing, environmental-writing, amateur-filmmaking, #climate change warrior.
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6 Responses to Almost Time to Half Hop Across the Pond

  1. sara says:

    Very excited to follow an amazing woman on an amazing adventure. Woohoo!


  2. Have a great time……and bring back lots of memories !!


  3. Marilyn says:

    Love reading your wonderful writing….looking forward to each chapter…’re amazing, Sarah!


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