Borrowed From our Children

Can’t believe a quarter of my time in this soul-quenching country is already gone! Quite looking forward to getting back to my family but after the extraordinary transformation I’ve experienced in just 3 weeks, I’m already growing nostalgic for what I’ll miss once I get home.

The street art in Reykjavik is definitely among some of the coolest of what I’ll pine for:

 IMG_0808Along with the poultry with obvious pimp lean:

IMG_0612The way this country hangs their medieval spoons and allows me to dress like a viking will also be longed for without debate:

IMG_0718IMG_0711But on a more serious note, the sights that will tug at me most once no longer accessible are the ones of natural artistry:

IMG_0817IMG_0840I am reminded every day I’m here what a wonder this planet is. I wish everyone could have this experience – especially those born of the city like I was. Our connection to the Earth is as real in the concrete jungle as it is in volcanic terrain, we just need to remember it; though having tar separating your toes from the Earth’s good dirt can pose a definite challenge to this effort.

This past week we focused a lot on how we connect to the Earth through our food choices. It was appalling to me to find out how destructive my addiction to a good cup of joe is. Especially considering the incredible amount of tastiness tickling my taste buds when I partake in the yumtastic espresso here. This is the stuff of Satan’s toolbox:

IMG_0934 With that said, it all got me thinking: though I may not be ready to let go of my beloved coffee quite yet, I can still significantly lessen my environmental impact by making sure to purchase organic, shade-grown coffee once I get home. Limiting the amount of meat I’ve been eating also seems like a nice place to work on my food impacts. Since lamb is a staple on the menu here the task will bode easier for me since lamb is among some of the foods I could do without for the rest of my life. Still, on days when they serve chicken or beef it will definitely come as a challenge (which I welcome).

The way I figure it, if the entire country of Iceland can shoot for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% within the next 35 or so years, I can at the very least take steak out of my diet and be mindful of my morning joe.

How about you? Is there anything you think you might want to change about your eating habits to help provide a cleaner future?

Let’s hear it!

To find out how you can start eating greener in simple, easy-to-do ways click here!

And don’t forget:  Proverb(Photo Credit:

Til next time, stay green and smile BIG!


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Peace-pushing, environmental-writing, amateur-filmmaking, #climate change warrior.
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6 Responses to Borrowed From our Children

  1. treedudeguy says:

    I like what you’re throwing down! I think eliminating food with excessive packaging is a great step along with eating locally! A healthy diet is better for the body AND the planet! I’m so glad you’re doing what you’re doing! ♥ ☺ Working my way through all the links you shared here… great information! You rule! ♥


    • Thank you! <3

      The link that says "up to 75%" is especially good! It's a long document but well worth the time to go through as you can – it's the Icelandic plan to deal with climate change and it's so inspiring!

      As for eliminating food with excessive packaging, one of the ways that can be done is by buying in bulk when able! And yes, eating local – always as local as possible. Not only is it good for your body and for the planet, it hands down tastes better than eating old food that's traveled for weeks!

      Good for you for making a commitment here, glad to see it! :)


  2. Such a good blog, Sass! You are amazing. Thanks for the good read enjoyed over a french press of organic shade grown coffee. ;) I’m fancy. Can’t wait to read through the rest of the links and share in your experience via the interwebs. Keep it up.


  3. Maydean @ That Place says:


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